Autoclave machine

Trident offers you the new SOLE, the class B autoclave developed for your safety.

SOLE meets your clinic’s biosafety standards, guaranteeing perfect sterilisation of your instruments and other materials used for carrying out your profession.

SOLE is a Class B autoclave with a simple, elegant design, easy to operate and highly efficient, with a modern automatic opening system and adaptable softwareⓇ exclusively designed for Trident.

SOLE Class B Autoclave 17 and 22 litres

  • Depending on the characteristics of the load to be sterilised, SOLE offers 12 different sterilisation cycles to choose from, including the class B cycles and two programmable, customisable cycles compliant with the minimum regulatory standards in force in terms of the type of vacuum, exposure time and drying time.
  • SOLE has 3 testing and validation cycles: vacuum test, helix test and B&D test.
  • The rapid cycle sterilises appropriately packed hollow and porous materials in just 28 minutes.

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For over 25 years, safety, reliability and cutting‐edge performance have been at the core of all design and production work at Mocom, making us the global leader in sterilization. Conscientious attention to the choice of materials, the use of innovative technology, the adoption of strict manufacturing and quality assurance protocols and the extensive experience of qualified, specialised sterilization system designers ensure we lead the way in terms of both skill and innovation. The factors that set us apart, in terms of both skill and innovation, are conscientious attention to the choice of materials, advanced technology, enforcement of strict production and quality control protocols and the wealth of experience accumulated by our qualified, specialised sterilization system designers.