Service Department

Providing high quality devices considering patient’s safety is the first priority. The Laboratory department initiated in the purpose of providing the supply of different Laboratory suppliers to start to develop to the point of being very well established with reputed and reliable supply for the market which act as catalysts to healthcare providers to carry out successful medical operations. And to deliver top quality products in a timely, courteous, and professional manner. And strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.


ACCULAB® Group established in January 2014 as a result of merger between two big international companies ACCUMED and NEWLAB , Which had a long 20 years of experience in manufacturing Laboratory and Medical equipment.

ACCULAB® is based in NY, USA and Montreal, Canada and it manufactures wide range of products.

ACCULAB® Canada specializes in the fields of: Medical, Dental, Histopathology, Molecular biology and Pharmaceutical equipment.

ACCULAB® USA specializes in the fields of : General laboratory, Agriculture, food, veterinary, environmental, industry and petroleum equipment.

ACCULAB® Group and its employees are committed to company values in customer service, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, accuracy, trustworthiness and integrity.

Sold worldwide under the trade name ACCULAB®, Our research and development team has a strong background in fundamental sciences with a focus on continuous improvements in the technology and provision of solutions for the benefit of the Research Community.