VOV65-B Series Vacuum Oven

Service Department

Vacauum Oven is designed specially for drying of meterial which is thermo-sensitive or decompouded and oxidative easily .it can be filled with inert gases. Which is especially for a rapid dring of some compoud material.


1. The rectangular working room makes full use of effective volume. Microcomputer control instrument with functions of high precision on temperature control

2. Double-layer tempering bulletproof glass door is easy to observe the articles in the working room. it can be filled with inert gases

3. The closed door could be adjusted. The complete formed high temperature resistance silicon rubber door-sealing ring could guarantee the high vacuum degree.

4. The working room adopts brightpolished stainless steel or cold-rolled steel plate. It is longlife and esay to clean

5. Store,heating, experiment and drying can be done with no oxygen or inert gases,it will not lead to oxidation