OV250 -Series Large Capacity

Service Department

This new device is widely used for drying, baking, soluble wax, solidification and thermal treatment in the school laboratory, industrial and mining, food processing, biochemistry, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals industry for the big size samples.


1. Cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior, stainless steel corrosion-resistant and age-resistant inner chamber.

2. PID micro-computer intelligent temperature controller, precisely temperature control, dual display, with functions of timing of operation(0-9999min), fixed temperature operation, over-temperature alarm, automatically stop.

3. Double doors ensure that use is convenient.

4. Low-noise fan system and vertical or horizontal air circulation ensure the inner chamber temperature high evenness. The special air forced heat radiation construction ensures the low noise fan temperature less than 50℃. Turbine centrifugal fan ensures the fan can be used longer.