VOV- 200 Series Vacuum Drying Oven

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VOV- 200 Series Vacuum Drying Oven

Polished stainless steelinner chamber.

Vacuum degree is automatically controlled (for VOV200-90 / VOV200-215 / VOV200 -90L / VOV200-215L )

Silicon rubber sealring ensures the high vacuum degree in the chamber.

Tempered double-layer glass door ensures the operation safety.

Inert gas can be filled in the chamber. (Inert gas pressure is not higher than 0.1Mpa when filling in).

The vacuum is controlled by microprocessor controller with digital display.(for VOV200 -90L / VOV200-215L)

The working program can be cycled for 99 times.(for VOV200 -90L / VOV200-215L)

The vacuum pump is standard accessory(for VOV200-90 / VOV200-215 / VOV200 -90L / VOV200-215L)