UPW-P Series

Service Department

1. 7.0 inch colorful high-resolution touch screen (16:9) controlling system, achieve finger-touch new experience.

2. 4 way online water quality sensor, detect the quality of feed water, 2nd stage RO water, Edi water and ultrapure water respectively. And warn once water quality’s standard exceeding.

3. 3 way flow sensor, count source water consumption and achieve quantified dispensing of Edi and ultrapure water.

4. Integrate with Ionpure EDI module, the maximum output is 240 liters per day.

5. Built-in independent online TOC monitor module (Super-TOC).

6. Double stage reverse osmosis technology, assure 2nd RO water quality’s stability from different source water.

7. Built-in 3 pump- 1st stage RO pump, 2nd stage RO pump and circulating sanitizing pump.

8. All Cartridges replacing alarm function, based on time, flux and water quality, show cartridges’ used and residual life.

9. Multiple alarm function: no feed water, full water, water quality’s standard exceeding, cartridge life ending and leakage.

10. Auto self-flushing of RO membrane function (interval and continuous time setting), extend RO membrane’s life.