MVM-50 Multi-Tube

Service Department

1. Speed range: 500-2500rpm 2. Working diameter: 3.6mm 3. 50 samples MVM-50 is mix one can handle up to 50 samples. Speed is adjustable from 500 to 2500 rpm with electronic speed control..

2. Built-in timer is adjustable from one minute to 99h59min operation. Various tube sizes can be mixed by simply changing the foam tube racks. Pulsing Mode:

Programmable pulsing mode allows user to adjust the pulse-on and pulse-off times between 1~59 seconds in 1 second intervals. This feature enhances the vortex action by creating a more vigorous mix.


1. Can handle 50 samples

2. Two modes: continuous type of work or Programmable pulsing mode

3. LCD display, and easy to use the panel

4. The variable speed microprocessor control provides consistent uniform mixing action

5. Independent LCD displays for speed and time allow operator to view both settings at once